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Prof. Dr. med. Jörg Piper
Specialist for internal medicine, angiology, diabetology, geriatrics
rehabilitation medicine, balneology and climatology, naturopathy
social medicine, general medicine

Associate Professor and Honorary Professor
Faculty of Medicine and Pharmacy
International University Institute for Postgraduate Studies (IUIPS)
University of Oradea (Romania)

  University Professor (Professeur d´Université)
Dean ex officio (Doyen honoraire)
Faculty I (Human Sciences)
New European University (Université Nouvelle Européenne, U.N.E.)
Brussels, Belgium
Research Chair
Health Sciences & Integrative Medicine
Department of Health Integration
University of Northwest Europe

Member of the Optical Society of America (OSA)

Member of the Editorial Board and European Editor
Journal of Advanced Microscopy Research (JAMR)

Senior Consultant
Clinic Meduna
Department for Internal Medicine, Angiology, Cardiovascular Medicine
Clara-Viebig Street No 4
D-56864 Bad Bertrich (Germany)

Phone: 049 / (0) 2674 / 182 0
Fax: 049 / (0) 2674 / 182 3182

This internet-site gives some information about several scientific projects and results of researches related to my fields of interest. Several works presented now are based on an existing contract of employment for foreign didactical personnel, concluded with the University of Oradea and the IUIPS dealing with a teaching and research assignment.

The research projects are centered on the following topics:

 - New and advanced illumination techniques in light microscopy
 - Digital photomicrography and analysis of microscopic images
 - Cytometry of transparent cells in reflection contrast
 - Techniques in capillaroscopy
 - Digital techniques in video-endoscopy
 - Mathematical calculation of cardiovascular risk
 - Behavioral risk management in cardiovascular risk constellations
 - Efficiency in rehabilitation
 - Diagnostics in rehabilitation
 - Complementary medicine in cardiovascular diseases and chronic pain

In addition to this, the following pages give a review of publications, i. e. articles already published or accepted for publication. A tabular curriculum vitae is added.

Some further projects are not described in detail, because corresponding articles can be obtained from open access sources. In particular, the CLOPRA study was carried out in our clinic over a period of two years. This study was based on the background that Clopidorgel can be affected with limited response even in patients who are treated with a duale antiplatelet therapy (DAPT).
We intended to evaluate Clopidogrel low- and non-responders and potential influences of co-medications and co-diseases in elderly patients with acute coronary syndrome (ACS) initially treated with ASS plus Clopidogrel. Moreover, we evaluated to which extend patients with reduced Clopidogrel response can profit by switching to Prasugrel (5 or 10 mg). A further aspect of our study was focused on comparative analyses of subgroups in order to clarify if a daily maintenance dose of 5 mg Prasugrel lead to a sufficient anti platelet therapy in patients aged 75 years or older. Thrombocyte reactivity was measured by an in-virto-test (VASP-test) and quantitatively estímated by the thrombocyte reactivity index (TRI). Clopidogrel low- and non-responders were switched to Prasugrel and  checked by further VASP-tests. All data were statistically analyzed.

In elderly patients Clopidogrel low- and non-responders tended to higher presence than in younger patients (34.8 versus 46.8 %). In all cases with limited Clopidogrel response thrombocyte reactivity could be lowered by switching to Prasugrel. In patients of 75 years or older, or weighting less than 60 KG a daily dose of 5 mg Prasugrel led to the same reduction of TRI as in younger patients given 10 mg per day. After drug-switching circa 6 % remained low- or non responders regardless of whether they were treated with 5 or 10 mg Prasugrel.  In patients switched to Prasugrel we found the same reduction of thrombocyte reactivity as in Clopidogrel responders (mean TRI: 19%). Beside other drugs especially beta blockers were associated with significantly reduced Clopidogrel response, whereas proton pump inhibitors showed no interaction. Simultaneous diseases were not associated with low-/non responders. It could be deduced from these findings that Clopidogrel should be replaced by Prasugrel or other new alternative drugs in patients with acute coronary syndrome treated with DAPT. In elderly ACS-patients (
75 years), 5 mg Prasugrel are adequate.

Open source publication in German:
Piper, J., Walscheid, R., Tennant, L.: Akutes Koronarsyndrom: Duale Plättchenhemmung mit Clopidogrel oder Prasugrel? Ergebnisse einer Patientenerhebung an 178 kardiologischen Rehabilitationspatienten (CLOPRA-Studie)
Journal für Kardiologie, KUP / Krause und Pachernegg, Österreich, 2016

Open source publication in English:
Piper, J., Walscheid, R., Tennant, L.: Clopidogrel versus Prasugrel in dual platelet inhibition on elderly patients with acute coronary syndrome – the CLOPRA study
Medical Research Archives (MRA), 2015

If you are interested in more information about my scientific work, interested in medical studies or a medical degree awarded by the University of Oradea, please do not hesitate to contact me.

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